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The Story of Wales by Jon GowerTime Out

 ‘ evocative, breezy tribute to Welsh staying power, ingenuity, creativity and pride.’ - Book of the Week * * * *

Tonypandy RiotsWestern Mail

a vivid picture of what it was like to live, work and strike in a society that was on the brink of massive social change.

The Boy who was Born a GirlThe Guardian

John is blessed with a brilliantly understanding mother and a wisdom beyond his years, making this a moving and inspiring film. 

Lions '71The Guardian

'A delightful counterpoint to a less than vintage World Cup... I Love [it] so much I watched it all over again on the iPlayer'

The Boy who was Born a GirlOn the Box

This is a little gem of a of a document on the human psyche and serves as a realinspiration to anyone in difficult circumstances. ON THE BOX 

Monty DonTwitter

Watched ‘We beat the All Blacks' - moving, inspirational, tender, passionate, heroic. I wept like a baby

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