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Saving British Steel - Sanjeev Gupta


At a time where everyone is pulling out of steel around the world Sanjeev Gupta CEO of Liberty Steel is investing hundreds of millions of pounds buying up the industry one piece at a time. So is he a pioneer or a high stakes gambler? What does he know the rest of the world doesn’t? 
Thrust into the limelight as the Global billionaire, saving the Welsh Steel industry with the purchase of Tata Port Talbot.  This insightful and intimate film follows Sanjeev over the course of an extraordinary period in his life, as the energy trader strategically manoeuvres himself as the Saviour of the Welsh… Scottish… English… and indeed Global Steel industry and all from his new home in Newport South Wales.  
With unparalleled access we delve into a world of unfathomable wealth, hostile takeovers and big business on a global scale.  Also, with an insider’s view of his private and public life, BBC Business Correspondent Brian Meechan shadows Sanjeev as he uses his steel works in Newport as the platform to launch the new phase of a global takeover.