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Festivals of Life

Three Part International Documenatry Series


Somewhere across the globe, on any given day of the year, a cultural festival is taking place. While some play out against a backdrop of city streets and plazas, others are celebrated amongst the wilds of nature. But whatever the location, festivals of life provide us all with a sense of ritual in an ever-changing world.

Festivals cover all facets of the human condition: the changing seasons; weddings and coming of age ceremonies; births and deaths; the worship of gods and the battle against evil spirits. 

So, despite the increasing pace of economic and social change in modern life, humanity’s fervour for festivals has not diminished. In fact if anything it has increased as our lives have become ever more fragmented. Whatever the subject matter, festivals continue to punctuate our social calendar generation after generation, allowing us to retain a sense of shared identity and a chance to celebrate our unique cultural heritage. 

On the face of it these local customs and rituals can seem like snapshots in time, continuing on as they were hundreds if not thousands of years ago. But appearances can often be deceptive. Travelling across the globe, Festivals of Life showcases three of the world’s most iconic cultural festivals at close quarters, revealing the ever-changing nature of such collective festivities.

Amidst the crowds and pandemonium, Green Bay follows individual revellers from all walks of life as they share their experience of great and colourful cultural occasions. Through their stories, we reveal the ways in which events with ancient origins continue to inspire current generations. 

From China’s iconic Spring Festival to Morocco’s romantic marriage festival, to Mexico’s riotous Day of the Dead ritual celebrations, we witness some extraordinary scenes through the eyes of our chosen participants, as they reveal what their festivals mean to them and their fellow countrymen and women in the 21st century.