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Deserts is a new 6-part HD documentary series that exploring six of the world's iconic deserts.

In each programme we focus on a different desert – the Sahara, the Gobi in Mongolia, the Atacama in Chile, the Thar in India, the Great Australian Desert and the Judean Desert in Israel.

This series celebrates the beauty and majesty of the desert whilst at the same time exploring the physical and social challenges the environment presents to the communities that live there a surprising and stunning portrait of the diversity of life in the world’s most arid areas.

We will also explore how the World’s deserts may be changing, shifting, blossoming, how people are adapting to or utilising these changes.

Each hour long programme focuses on key characters who live in the desert – we get to know them and learn about life in the desert through their eyes. So in the Australian Outback we filmed cowboys herding cattle using motorbikes and aeroplanes, the mining of opals and the lifestyle of an indigenous aboriginal community.