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  • Fel Arall
    The extraordinary journey of homosexuality in Wales – told in Welsh for the first time
  • Festivals of Life
    France Télévisions, S4C and distributor DRG
    Festivals cover all facets of the human condition: the changing seasons; weddings and coming of age ceremonies; births and deaths; the worship of gods and the battle against evil spirits. 
  • First Cut: The Boy who was born a Girl
    Channel 4
    Jon is a typical teenage boy in all respects except one: he was born a girl. Brought up as Natasha for 15 years, Jon can remember feeling male since he was only five years old. He has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a condition that affects over 100 British children every year, and is now embarking on an extraordinary journey of transition.
  • Ffynhonnau
    Glyn Houston and Daniel Evans (Daniel Deronda) star in this 60-minute drama documentary and community event celebrating a classic poem.
  • Fit For A Change
    ITV Wales
    Fun and fitness in this entertaining six-part series as we challenge groups of friends and colleagues to make some real and healthy changes to the way they live.
  • Fun in the Sun
    ITV Wales
    A 6 part docu-soap for midweek primetime - the summer season in Tenby, the new stag night capital of Britain. Storms, foot-and-mouth and other challenges of today's tourism trade.
  • Fy Mab Yn Haiti
    A Welsh couple's attempts to adopt a baby son are caught up in violent revolution in Haiti.
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