TV Programmes

  • An Archbishop Like This
    A BBC TWO network documentary about the Archbishop of Canterbury featuring exclusive, intimate access to Rowan Williams' life and work during the six months surrounding the announcement of his appointment by Downing Street.
  • Ann Clwyd
    After travelling, as part of her parliamentary work, to some of the most atrocious places on the face of the earth, Ann Clwyd MP re-visits Cambodia, the country where she first saw the terrible suffering that follows a war.
  • Anthem
    BBC Wales
    A documentary celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Welsh national anthem, Land of my Fathers / Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.
  • Ar y Tracs
    Ar y Tracs, a festive comedy drama created by Ruth Jones and co-written by Ruth and author Catrin Dafydd, centres on the lives of a Swansea to London train crew.
  • Ar y Tracs- Behind the Scenes
    A documentary that goes behind the scenes to explore the making of the drama comedy, Ar y Tracs.
  • Arian Mewn Argyfwng
    Everything you need to know about what caused the financial meltdown, what lies ahead and what we all need to do to survive in the new economy.
  • Bread of Heaven
    BBC Wales
    From the Age of the Saints to the heyday of the Chapel, the characters and convictions that forged the soul of a nation. The UK's most popular newsreader, Huw Edwards presents this major, six part series - the authoritative television history of religion in Wales.
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