Green Bay’s Korean Deal puts it on top of the World!

16th June 2016

In a ceremony at this week’s prestigious Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Green Bay Media has signed an Agreement to co-produce with Korea for the first time.

And the collaboration will put the company on top of the world – as it films in iconic mountain ranges like the Himalayas, the Andes, the Rockies and the Alps – and at the leading edge of broadcasting technology.

Mountains and Life – a six-part documentary series – will be shot in Ultra-Hi-Def for S4C and the Korean broadcaster JTV, and distributed to channels across the world by Cineflix.

Gathered in Sheffield for the Signing Ceremony, were top executives from JTV, and from the Korean Communications Agency, and the Korean Government’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. They joined S4C Commissioning Editor Llion Iwan and Green Bay’s John Geraint to launch the project.

Following three international hit series made by Green Bay for S4C in similar style – Rivers and Life, Islands and Deserts – this will be the first time the company has worked with Korea.

John Geraint, the series’ Executive Producer, said, “Mountains are nature’s last frontier. They’re beautiful, wild, sublime even – but what is it really like to live amongst them? That’s the question we’ll be asking, as climate change and human pressure transform the rooftop places of our world.

“It’s wonderful to be working on this challenging series with S4C – who’ve always been such great supporters of Green Bay’s work in the international market-place – and with new partners in Korea”.

South Korea boasts the world’s most advanced technological infrastructure, with superfast broadband available right across the country. So Mountains and Life will be shot in the ultra-high-definition 4K format which is increasingly becoming the norm in Korea.

“That’s something the Koreans were very keen to see”, said John Geraint. “They’re rightly proud of their cutting-edge systems.

“But they also have ancient mountain landscapes of their own, and we’ll be filming there, in some of their most traditional communities. They have a nickname for these high settlements: ‘The First Village Under The Sky’.

“It will fascinating to see the contrast between the old ways of life there, and the stress-busting hikers who turn up in droves carrying their smart-phones and kitted out in all the latest gear from the big cities like the capital Seoul.”

Filmed across five continents, Mountains and Life promises to be a celebration of some of Earth’s most beautiful natural environments, and a compelling guide to the challenges facing those who live amongst them in the 21st century.

“These are global stories”, says John Geraint, “But I’m delighted that they’ll be shaped in Wales.”

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