DNA CYMRU is back!

20th November 2015

DNA CYMRU is back!

Who are the Welsh? What links us to the rest of the world? And what sets us apart?

Jason Mohammad, Beti George and Dr Anwen Jones trace the epic journey of our DNA.

Following our launch programme shown on St David’s Day, Green Bay’s four-part series starts this Sunday 22 November at 8pm on S4C.

There’s more about the series here: www.s4c.cymru/cymrudnawales/e_index.shtml

The four programmes premiere on Sundays – 22 and 29 November, 6 and 13 December at 8pm. English subtitles are available.

DNA Cymru 22 November 8pm S4C

Who were the ancestors of the people of the hillforts, the home of the Welsh tribes before the Romans came here? Three people who’ve taken the DNA Cymru test – Caryl Parry Jones, Roy Noble and Ken Owens – are standing by to help answer the question. They represent three groups who came Wales after the Ice Age – the Hunter-Gatherers; the First Farmers; and the Beaker People, the masters of metal-making. Descendants of all three groups lived together in the hillforts, according to the results of our tests on the modern Welsh population. But one of the groups, it seems, was dominant. 

DNA Cymru 29 November 8pm S4C

DNA Cymru reveals the existence of some extraordinary genetic clusters in Wales. These clusters may be the Welsh equivalent of Scotland’s clans, and can be traced back to ten powerful men who are likely to have lived in Wales less than 2,000 years ago. Astonishingly, 18% of Welsh men today are direct descendants on the male line of these ten patriarchs. And for one of today’s sporting heroes, our DNA test suggests a connection to one of these genetic clusters which he could not possibly have imagined.

DNA Cymru 6 December 8pm S4C

For a millennium and more, Romans and Saxons, Vikings and Normans targeted Wales. Their attacks changed the course of our history – but does their blood still flow in our veins today? Rugby hero Alun Wyn Jones is one Welshman whose DNA test throws up an intriguing connection to one of these groups of invaders. And down in Pembrokeshire, a whole community waits to see if we can find a DNA link to the settlers who founded their village in the wake of the Norman invasion.

DNA Cymru 13 December 8pm S4C

In the series finale, Michael Sheen and Charlotte Church are amongst those who discover the secrets of their ancestral DNA. But what do tests like these prove about contemporary Wales? As we draw together our analysis of the largest ever sample of Welsh DNA, there are surprising revelations about genetic clusters on the male and female lines amongst the population today – and a reminder of just how distinctive the DNA profile of the nation is. But one conclusion stands out from amongst all the others…

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