Green Bay's The Story of Wales on BBC TWO Network across the UK

19th September 2012

BBC News at Ten presenter Huw Edwards tells the story of Wales from pre-history to modern times in a landmark television series commissioned by BBC Cymru Wales from Green Bay Media, to be screened for the first time to UK-wide audiences on BBC Two next month.

All six episodes will be shown on the network in a two-week block, beginning on Tuesday, October 2 at 7pm.

One of BBC Cymru Wales's most ambitious series ever, The Story of Wales traces the history of the Welsh nation from 30,000 years ago to the present day. When first shown to audiences in Wales earlier this year, it was BBC Wales' most watched series of 2011-12, and scored record levels of audience appreciation.

The Story of Wales is packed with heroes and triumphs, grand dreams and great endeavours. From a land of story-tellers, this is the story of the land itself and the people who've shaped it. From the Ice Age to the Information Age, Huw brings the magical, thrilling and surprising story of the Welsh nation to life.

The Story of Wales starts with a reconstruction of the earliest known human burial in Western Europe - that of the "Red Lady" of Paviland - almost 30,000 years ago. Its epic story runs through Hywel Dda's uniting Wales under one law, the Welsh at the heart of the Tudor court, through the immense pace of change in the country as coal mines and iron works flourished - with technological and educational innovations putting Wales ahead of the world in the Industrial Revolution - and right up to present day devolution.

Huw Edwards said, "This really is a dream come true for me. How could any Welsh broadcaster not be energised by the challenge of telling the nation's story?

"I am aware that working on this series - a once-in-a-generation event - is a real privilege. Above all, The Story of Wales needs to engage audiences in Wales and beyond. After all, we have a great story to tell."

The Story of Wales is produced by Green Bay Media for BBC Cymru Wales in partnership with the Open University in Wales. A dedicated website includes extra clips, information and blogs.

The Story of Wales on BBC Two begins Tuesday, October 2, at 7pm.

Episode 2: Wednesday October 3, at 7pm

Episode 3: Thursday October 4, at 7pm

Episode 4: Tuesday October 9, at 7pm

Episode 5: Wednesday October 10, at 7pm

Episode 6: Thursday October 11, at 7pm

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