Green Bay film raises new questions about Richard Burton's relationship with brother

18th January 2012

A new Green Bay film broadcast over Christmas raises new questions about the relationship between the world-renowned actor, Richard Burton, and his older brother Ifor Jenkins.

Burton: The Secret? /Burton: Y Gyfrinach? - broadcast on S4C - portrays a tense relationship between the two brothers and the older brother's bitterness towards Richard.

Richard Harrington plays Richard Burton and Dafydd Hywel is his brother Ifor in a 90 minute film shot on location in Céligny, Switzerland, home to the Welsh Hollywood star for 30 years.

Directed by Dylan Wyn Richards and scripted by William Owen Roberts, the film focuses on the events of one fateful day, 27 June 1968 at Burton's villa, Pays De Galles, which changed the brothers' lives forever.

"What exactly happened that day is still a secret which the brothers kept for the rest of their lives. The only thing we know for certain is that the day changed their lives forever. After the accident that evening Ifor suffered serious ill-health for the rest of his life and the events of that night cast a shadow on Richard Burton's turbulent life," says Dylan.

"The film attempts to recreate the lost hours and get to the truth behind the secret. It tries to provide answers but of course, at the same time, it also raises more questions. We can only imagine what happened between the brothers that day," says Dylan.

The film was a big challenge to both actors, Richard Harrington and Dafydd Hywel went with the film crew over to the location in Céligny near Lake Geneva.

"It's just the two of them in the film and the whole drama is full of high tension. We had to recreate the loneliness of the empty Pays De Galles villa as these two intense characters tried to come to terms with the distance that had grown between them over the years," says Dylan. "Going to Céligny was an unforgettable experience. The local people remembered Burton and shared experiences and memories that shed new light on him. The place helped us put the whole situation between the brothers in its true context."

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