Wales tops, Geraint tells Canadians

1st February 2008

Geraint will respond to an invitation to address British Columbia's Trigger Points forum - hosted by the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival on Vancouver Island - by stressing the creative and business advantages that Wales now boasts.

The Welsh Assembly Government's Creative Industries Strategy has seen the creation of the £7 million Wales Creative IP Fund, and of Creative Business Wales which promotes, supports and develops Welsh media companies domestically and internationally, as well as a new Film Agency for Wales.

On top of that, Trigger Points delegates - who'll come from all over North America and Pacific Rim - will hear about broader economic-based initiatives like the Assembly's Knowledge Bank for Business, which gets behind companies like Green Bay which have the potential to make a significant contribution to the Welsh economy.

Geraint will argue that with the BBC taking seriously its responsibilities to commission network output from Wales - witness ‘Dr. Who' and ‘Torchwood' as well as a raft of factual programming - and a ‘visionary' S4C delivering its agenda for creative excellence domestically and revamping its international arm, it's never been a better time to co-produce with Welsh producers.

"Canadians instinctively understand the broadcasting issues we face in Wales as a bilingual culture whose airwaves about those of a powerful English-speaking neighbour" says Geraint.

"What they may not be aware of is the range of structural support the industry here enjoys, and the depth of talent in the Welsh independent sector which is very ready to step up to the mark."

Green Bay is close to signing co-production deals to produce two major international series and Geraint will have one-to-one meetings at Trigger Points with Canadian and US producers on a number of new projects.

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