Triple Crown for Green Bay

1st January 2007

Cardiff's Cup (1 x 60'), directed by Wynford Jones and produced by Richard Staniforth, recreates Cardiff City's 1927 FA Cup win - the only time the trophy has been won from outside England - in the same vein as Green Bay's 2006 Celtic Film and Television Festival-winning rugby doc Game of the Century.

The Office of St. David (1 x 60', 4 x 10') features the mediaeval plainsong sung in honour of Wales' patron saint. Green Bay's production - staged in the splendour of St. David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire - is the first time this music has been performed since the Reformation. The performance is directed by Rhodri Huw.

Otherwise (1 x 90'), produced and directed by Nia Dryhurst, is the first feature-length programme to document the gay experience in the Welsh language.

The programmes are executive produced by Green Bay's Phil George and John Geraint. They were ordered by S4C's Director of Commissioning Rhian Gibson.

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