Rivers funding flows to Green Bay

1st January 2007

RIVERS documents how the Amazon, Nile, Rhine, Mississippi, Ganges and Yangtze have shaped the lives and cultures of the people who live along their banks.

Filming locations will include China's monumental Three Gorges Dam project.

The series will be shown in the UK by S4C, who are the major funding partners, together with France 5 and facilities house Barcud Derwen who'll provide high-definition cameras and editing.

The series producer and director is Amanda Rees, who commented:

"RIVERS will reveal so much about our dependence on the landscape we make and live in. All over the world, rivers are at the heart of rapid change - environmentally, socially, culturally. And, of course, these world-famous waterways will be a visual treat."

Green Bay's Phil George will executive produce with Rod Caird.

Bryn Roberts, Managing Director of the Barcud Derwen Group, has no doubt his investment is well-placed:

"Green Bay has an outstanding reputation for the quality of its story-telling. RIVERS provides a wealth of gripping narratives, shot in hi-def, which will delight and surprise audiences around the world."

RIVERS was developed with S4C's Lowri Gwilym and green-lit by Rhian Gibson at S4C and Ann Julienne at France 5. The series will be distributed by S4C International and will be available for broadcast in 2008.

For further details contact: Phil George at Green Bay Media on 029 2064 2370

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