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Women of World War One



Most of us know that when thousands of men left Wales to fight in France during the First World War, women stepped up to do their duty. We know that women played a crucial role in the war effort, as nurses and munitions workers, but how were their achievements recognised? Was the war a great turning point in women’s lives? Were Welsh women winners or losers after the war was over? Wales’s leading historian of women, lively and learned Deirdre Beddoe, digs deep into the archives to find out, and makes some fascinating discoveries along the way. 

“This was the first total war. 40,000 Welsh men were killed. Whether you were a wife, a sister, a daughter or a mother, you couldn’t fail to know someone who had died. But women didn’t just play a passive role, they made an active contribution to the War effort – and a vital one. By today, that contribution has largely been forgotten. It’s time to put that right.”