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Man of Steel - Sanjeev Gupta


Global business tycoon Sanjeev Gupta shot to fame as the mystery bidder in the controversial Tata Port Talbot Sale. With the world in the midst of a global steel crisis he emerged as the saviour of the British Steel Industry,  buying up failing companies all over the UK without ever sacking the workers. With unprecedented access to the man behind the suit,  BBC Business correspondent Brian Meechan follows the self-made steel baron at work, at home and on a mission to reignite a dying industry. A year on from being thrust into the limelight his story takes us from the industrial heartlands of steel production to the glamour of the Abu Dhabi Grand prix. After moving his young family from the luxury of Dubai to Newport, South Wales we see how one man’s personal obsession with a rusty old steelworks in the Gwent Valleys became the start of a global takeover.