New Commissions

  • Value Judgements
    Radio Wales
    Value Judgements brings a wide range of guests to the Radio Wales audience, challenging leading figures and unsung heroes to explain the truths they have lived by.
  • The Story of Wales
    BBC 1 Wales
    The Story of Wales is packed with heroes and triumphs, grand dreams and great endeavours. From a land of story-tellers, this is the story of the land itself and the people who've shaped it.Huw Edwards tells the compelling story of our nation, shot on location across the country,with dramatic reconstructions and impressive CGI. The Story of Wales is made by BBC Cymru Wales in partnership with The Open University in Wales. 
  • The King and the Playwright : A Jacobean History
    BBC Four
    James Shapiro looks at Shakespeare's work under King James I. History Documentary for BBC Four
  • Tonypandy
    BBC1 Wales
    This year, the people of mid-Rhondda will be marking the Centenary of one of the most important clashes in industrial history - the Tonypandy Riots.
  • The Lions - New Zealand 1971
    BBC Two
     Forty years on: When we saw fantasy rugby in New Zealand 
  • Be' Di'r Hanes
    Radio Cymru
    Rhun ap Iorwerth sy'n cyflwyno cyfres arbennig fydd yn dod â hanes Cymru yn fyw mewn chwe rhaglen  o drafod a dadlBeth yw'r gwirionedd am hen hanes ein cyndeidiau?Yn dechrau 6pm, Nos Fercher 22 Chwe 2012Cynhyrchydd: Rhian Nash 
  • Gwerth Fy Myd
    Radio Cymru
    A series of one to one interviews based on the Value Judgements series for Radio Wales.
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