New Commissions

  • Ditectifs Hanes Series 3
    Our popular children’s history series returns for a third series – Anni, Tuds and Hefin the Detective are all set to explore the past in eight more Welsh towns.
  • Pyramid Rescue - The Reporters: Jason Mohammad
    Pyramid Rescue The Reporters: Jason Mohammad Jason Mohammad goes to the Step Pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt – to follow a group of Welsh experts who are trying to save the world’s oldest stone structure of all from collapse. A century older than the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Step Pyramid is a cornerstone in human history. But now its stones and walls are crumbling, and there’s a real danger that one of our great treasures will be lost. No-one has the ingenuity, the skills or the courage to save it – no-one, that is, apart from a company from Newport in Gwent.
  • Creu Cymru Fodern with Huw Edwards
    Huw Edwards charts the astonishing changes which have created modern Wales over the last 250 years. The country was rich in copper and iron, slate and coal – but it was people who drove the industrial revolution forward. And in order to understand this human story, Huw follows the fortunes of one particular family – his own. In the first episode, the focus of Welsh life turns from the farm to the furnace. There’s a revolution underway - in commerce, employment, education and religion. By 1850, more people were working in industry than in agriculture – Wales was the first industrial nation. In the second episode, Huw traces the story of his grandmother’s family, as they move – along with tens of thousands of others – from the rural West to the Valleys Coalfield. By 1914, a quarter of a million men were at work in Welsh collieries.  This new society needed champions to protect its old and sick and poor – and one Welshman came to the fore in the battle for justice. But it was the workers themselves, their families, their unions and their communal values which set the tone of the era. And in the final episode, covering the troubled period since the Second World War, the country has changed more rapidly than ever. Yet, somehow, in a world of international trade and global communications, our sense of ourselves as a nation has survived and strengthened. Huw traces the story of his family through the last 70 years, as they move home again, and change the kind of work they do. They witness at first hand the events which have shaped the nation and created our modern Wales.
  • The Strike: A Personal Memoir by Kim Howells
    BBC 1 Wales
    30 years after the start of the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike, Dr Kim Howells revisits what was at stake in this controversial and poignant journey to the flashpoints of a defining moment in Britain’s industrial history.
  • The Scarlets
    BBC 1 Wales
    Wales - a rugby nation, where every town and every village gets behind its local team. In Llanelli top class rugby has been played for 140 years... and it inspires a whole region. But these days it’s more than a game; it’s a business. And it’s a business under threat. It’s a battle to keep the big players here in Wales, and to ensure a precious rugby tradition survives. This is the inside story of twelve months of triumph, tension, turmoil and pride in the Scarlet jersey.Unique access to the players, the fans and the boardroom at the Welsh rugby region in one of the most turbulent periods in the history of the domestic game.
  • Ditectifs Hanes
    This brand new series brings history alive for the nation's children. This pioneering series is set to educate as well as entertain and will be providing additional digital teaching content on the website. This is the first time that S4C has offered educational material alongside a television programme and the channel is " very grateful to Green Bay Media and Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales for their co-operation in this exciting venture".
  • Value Judgements
    Radio Wales
    Value Judgements brings a wide range of guests to the Radio Wales audience, challenging leading figures and unsung heroes to explain the truths they have lived by.
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