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  • Llond Ceg Series 2
    Llond Ceg Series 2
  • Sian Lloyd’s Work-Life Balance
    BBC One Wales
    Sian Lloyd’s Work-Life Balance
  • DNA Cymru
    DNA Cymru - a ground-breaking project that asks 'Who are the Welsh?'On St David's Day S4C will start on an epic journey to try to answer the question 'Who are the Welsh?' with the documentary DNA Cymru as an introduction to a milestone series to be broadcast in the autumn.From the earliest days the Welsh have asked big questions like 'Who are we?' 'Where did we come from?' 'What connects us with the rest of the world's people?' 'What makes us different?'The S4C series DNA Cymru will set out to answer the questions by using DNA samples from the people of Wales today.
  • My Real North Wales with Sian Lloyd
    BBC Wales
    BBC journalist Sian Lloyd has a deep affection for north Wales. She connects strongly with the whole region, from her home town of Wrexham on the English border right across into the Welsh-speaking Gwynedd heartlands and her family roots in Criccieth.
  • Llond Ceg
     ‘LLOND CEG’ 8 x 24’ S4C   An innovative new series, blazing a trail for children’s factual entertainment programming.   A vibrant and unique series that will discuss and deliberate, advise, support and more importantly give a platform and voice to children and young people to discuss what really matters to them.   The series is launched in partnership with NSPCC/Childline and the Children’s Commissioner for Wales on S4C April 15th , along with a dynamic new Website and interactive App.   “So often content is produced based on what we ‘think’ our viewers want to know, what we ‘assume’ they care about especially when it comes to Children and Young people. We simply paused and asked. The honesty and maturity of these young people talking about embarrassing or taboo issues such as puberty, sexting, depression and homosexuality was impressive. We worked hard to gain their trust, it was important to me from the start, that the children were in control of the subjects tackled. That this is a series shaped by young people, which really gives their voices a platform allowing them to discuss issues, passing on their thoughts and advice to others. It was also essential that we created and curated the content responsibly, the partnership with NSPCC/Childline and Consultant Child Psychotherapist Dr Aaron Balick was fundamental in shaping the series. The accompanying App and Website give us the ability to deliver more content and signpost children to specialist support, whilst delivering innovative interactive content for our viewers” Llinos Griffin-Williams, Series Producer   Commissioned by S4C Children’s Commissioner Sioned Wyn Roberts, LLOND CEG [Mouthful] is a fresh, distinctive and energetic series that will tackle big issues head on. From FIRST KISSES to DIVORCE the LLOND CEG crew will be at hand to give advice, information and support about anything that’s important to our viewers. Always prominent are YOUNG VOICES, sharing their experiences and passing on their own advice. These are THEIR voices, THEIR advice, this is THEIR show!   “The fact that so many people ask me what problems a young teenager in Wales could possibly have says to me a programme like LLOND CEG was much needed! It was important to me that it was the young people, who did the talking, gave the advice and talked through the issues that people their age are facing. Along the way we met some amazing young people who opened my eyes to the pressures young Welsh teenagers are facing. I'm confident a lot of children and teens will identify with the issues and gain from hearing the excellent peer advice.”  Aled Haydn Jones, Creative Producer / Presenter [BBC Radio 1 Surgery]    The LLOND CEG Website and App are produced in partnership with Galactig, launched March 2015.   LLOND CEG will be available with subtitles to watch outside of Wales on VIRGIN TV-166, FREESAT-120, SKY-134 or S4C’s catch up service online For the latest news on the series follow LLOND CEG on twitter @llondceg or visit the website    Series Tx: April 13th 2015 Website & App Launch: March 2015  
  • Castle Builders
    S4C, UKTV, Off The Fence
    Across Europe, from Carcassonne to Caerphilly, from the Rhine to the Thames, masterpieces in stone draw visitors by the million. But how were these medieval superstructures built? How were machines and men organised to create such colossal fortifications? CASTLE BUILDERS is the story of the blood, sweat and vision behind the architecture; of courts and rulers, power struggles, innovation and intrigue. The three-part series is being made for S4C, UKTV and with the backing of Dutch distributors Off the Fence and the Welsh Government.
  • Festivals of Life
    S4C, France Televisions and Distributor DRG
    Blue-chip international documentary series for France Télévisions, S4C and distributor DRG Somewhere across the globe, on any given day of the year, a cultural festival is taking place. While some play out against a backdrop of city streets and plazas, others are celebrated amongst the wilds of nature. But whatever the location, festivals of life provide us all with a sense of ritual in an ever-changing world. Festivals cover all facets of the human condition: the changing seasons; weddings and coming of age ceremonies; births and deaths; the worship of gods and the battle against evil spirits.  So, despite the increasing pace of economic and social change in modern life, humanity’s fervour for festivals has not diminished. In fact if anything it has increased as our lives have become ever more fragmented. Whatever the subject matter, festivals continue to punctuate our social calendar generation after generation, allowing us to retain a sense of shared identity and a chance to celebrate our unique cultural heritage.  On the face of it these local customs and rituals can seem like snapshots in time, continuing on as they were hundreds if not thousands of years ago. But appearances can often be deceptive. Travelling across the globe, Festivals of Life showcases three of the world’s most iconic cultural festivals at close quarters, revealing the ever-changing nature of such collective festivities. Amidst the crowds and pandemonium, Green Bay follows individual revellers from all walks of life as they share their experience of great and colourful cultural occasions. Through their stories, we reveal the ways in which events with ancient origins continue to inspire current generations.  From China’s iconic Spring Festival to Morocco’s romantic marriage festival, to Mexico’s riotous Day of the Dead ritual celebrations, we witness some extraordinary scenes through the eyes of our chosen participants, as they reveal what their festivals mean to them and their fellow countrymen and women in the 21st century.
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