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Green Bay is a dynamic, award-winning media production company based in Cardiff, Wales, making high-quality programming in drama, documentary, specialist factual and the arts, for audiences across the UK and internationally.


Creu Cymru FodernThe Story of WalesBurton Y GyfrinachIslands The Boy who was Born a GirlA hero's story

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DNA Cymru ar yr awyr Ddydd Sul y 1af o Fawrth ar S4C am 8 y.h more

DNA Cymru On Air Sunday 1 March 8.00, S4C more

Llond Ceg Starts April 13th 2015 on S4C more
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Festivals of LifeFrance Télévisions, S4C and distributor DRG

Castle BuildersS4C, UKTV, Off The Fence